UPDATE: ATF Form 1 denials from WA

This was recently posted on Waguns.org, hopefully it looks like a resolution is in sight.


So here is what I got from Brian Blake, the original sponsor of the bill.

A staff member at the DOL had a conversation with the ATF a few weeks back and the discussion centered on SB 5956, and lack of clarity and confusion about manufacturing SBR’s. This person is not a policy maker, but apparently the ATF person may have taken it that way. The head of Washington DOL Firearms Division will be contacting the ATF to let them know that the conversation was not with a representative allowed to direct policy on behalf of Washington State.

The AG’s office has not made any official statements on the bill at this time.

Also, the DOL did not advise the ATF to not approve the forms, nor did the AG’s office. The DOL’s position is that it isn’t their position to interpret the laws, and that it is up to the ATF to make their own interpretation.

Also, Thanks RichM for sending me Ted Clutter’s contact information and email addresses. Brian Blake and the DOL have that information now and they will contact Ted. The rest of you may want to not deluge Mr. Clutter with a bunch of emails. Brian says he will work on this. Please let him work through the process.


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