Entry into the 1911 world

I just entered the world of 1911 platform ownership as a generous gift from my parents.

At that price point, I elected to go with the Para USA Expert Commander. I only had a couple requirements for my first 1911; it had to be a single-stack .45 with a full-size frame.  There were a couple other possible candidates from RIA/Armscor and a Springfield GI model, but the fit & finish on the Para edged them both out.

I had a chance to run a few rounds through it over the weekend, and my first impressions are overwhelmingly positive. The fiber optic front sight is incredibly fast to pick up, and being a 1911 it points effortlessly.  After handling it for a bit, I added a set of Wilson Combat grips, a Wilson Combat 10 round magazine, and a Wilson Combat Full-Length Guide Rod. There’s a number of other Wilson Combat parts I’d like to upgrade down the road, but those three really rounded out the aesthetic I was looking for.

I’ll need a lot more time running it, but if everything stays consistent, I should be quite happy with it. Look for more soon.

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