Monthly Archives: September 2015

Preparing for Deer Season

Now that it’s coming up on Fall, I’ve begun preparing for my first deer season. I’m headed out with a buddy in the Wenatchee area in October, and I’m working on getting all my gear sorted out. First and foremost is my rifle, I went with a Savage Axis Heavy Barrel in .308 Winchester since I had some brass squirreled away, I can use the same bullets that I do for reloading .300 Blackout, and the same powder I use for .223 Remington.

I had the threading done by West Coast Armory as part of my birthday present (many thanks to my wife!) and an AAC Brakeout 51T muzzle device timed on. It’s pretty front heavy now, down the line I’ll definitely have to replace the stock either with one from Boyd’s or a chassis from MDT. I think it’s looking pretty good for now, though.