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Last nail in the coffin for WA State Form 1 SBRs for 2015

Representative Brian Blake, one of the sponsors of the 2013-14 House Bill 1561 that allowed possession of SBRs in WA has been working to try to get the state Attorney General to clarify the state’s position on if filing ATF form 5320.1 (Application to Make and Register a Firearm) is permitted under the “acquire” language in RCW 9.41.190 (2), however since these questions have not been drafted yet & the 2015 legislative sessions are concluded, it is extremely unlikely that this issue will be clarified until the 2016 session.

Options still exist for those in WA who are willing to commit the time and money that plague the NFA game:

1. Purchase a complete SBR on a Form 4 from a dealer. Though, I have heard unconfirmed reports of SBR Form 4s being denied as well.

2. Complete the SBR in another state and relocate it to WA with a completed ATF Form 5320.20. This will require either a residence in another state, or that a trustee in one of those states completes the paperwork. I’d also strongly recommend a trust created in that state, and avoid any WA state specific confusion.

3. Contact one of the local dealers who is willing to take customer parts, file the ATF Form 2 to assemble it, and then wait on a completed Form 4 to return it to you. This may be the easiest option, but will incur additional cost. So far I’ve heard that Rainier Arms, Aero Precision, Pantel Tactical, and possibly MKX, LLC will be providing this service in some form or another.


Still looking grim for Form 1s in Washington

Another round of SBR Form 1 rejections came down this week from BATFE.

On the plus side, Form 1s, 3s, and 4s for Suppressors seem to be coming through normally, with a few independent reports that all WA state NFA forms were previously on hold pending an update from the state attorney general, but that hold has allegedly been lifted.


Updates have been slower since it’s summer, it’ll pick up after the July/August camping trips are all done.